Everyday Amazing

Hi, I’m Andrew Bracewell.  I don’t have a degree, haven’t authored a book and to this point in my life, have not done anything that would warrant having a podcast, Except…I’m amazing at one thing.  I have a knack for finding extraordinary people and getting them to talk.

I think our world is full of amazing people who do amazing things…I don’t mean the famous kind; I mean the everyday kind.  There are people all around us doing amazing things because they want to. These people fascinate me.  I want to talk to them, ask them questions and listen to their answers.   Most importantly, I want to tell their stories so that we can all learn from and be inspired by, Everyday Amazing.

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Episodes released every three weeks

Leadership in times of conflict… John Radford P.H.D.

In this episode, Andrew takes his turn in the hot seat with his executive coach, John Radford.  The two hold a  private conversation publicly with two purposes:  John wants to use the interview as part of a leadership project he is using for his...

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A new way of life with COVID-19 – Prateek Singh, Sandra Ennis & Shawn Webster

Andrew podcasts with three amazing humans all from the comfort of their own homes.  Prateek Singh, Sandra Ennis, and Shawn Webster share personal insights on the challenges of work and advising people in unprecedented times.  The four discuss their strategies and fears while trying...

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Social Savvy and authentically uncensored – Jesse Peters

The Middle Province Guru of local eats and champion of video marketing, Jesse Peters, gets real on a couch with Andrew in Las Vegas and the conversation has no limits.  The two discuss food passions, Jesse’s history as a mascot, the NHL trade deadline...

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Small town girls, big ideas – Jessica Germaine, Brittany Manulak and the Crystal Gala Foundation

Jessica Germaine and Brittany Manulak come to visit Andrew and class up the living room.  These two women (Along with many others) have played a huge part in the success of the Crystal Gala Foundation, which has raised over 3 million dollars for the...

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The challenge of recovery – Teresa Trask and Debora Jordan

Teresa Trask of, Lifehaven Women’s Support Society and Debora Jordan, of Christine Lamb transitional residence stop by the living room to share their first hand experience and real life stories of the recovery journey for women who battle addiction, abuse and mental health.  Teresa...

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Reimagining Masculinity – Brendan Kwiatkowski

Brendan Kwiatkowski is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Edinburgh in Scottland researching adolescents males’ beliefs about emotions, school and masculinity and looking at the relationships between all three of those elements. Brendan is in the research phase of his Ph.D. and he...

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Everyday Amazing Host

With no formal education to speak of and a special talent for saying too much, Andrew has
landed in perhaps the only career suited for his tiny skill set. 16 years in the real estate industry
has led Andrew to many accomplishments and life changing relationships. The only thing he
admires more than other people is himself, which is awkward at times but also endearing… Read More