Social Savvy and authentically uncensored – Jesse Peters

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The Middle Province Guru of local eats and champion of video marketing, Jesse Peters, gets real on a couch with Andrew in Las Vegas and the conversation has no limits.  The two discuss food passions, Jesse’s history as a mascot, the NHL trade deadline and their passion for their hockey teams, ego vs confidence and how the two relate to success, overcoming body image in front of a camera, Jesse’s ascension in the RE/MAX landscape and his video bootcamps.  The conversation turns personal as Jesse reveals a struggle publicly for the first time and the two discuss the benefit in letting the world see their flaws. This will make you laugh and cry, and we hope you love listening as much as we loved recording.

Show Notes:

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Hosted: Andrew Bracewell @everydayamazingpodcast

Produced/Edited: Justin Hawkes @Hawkes21

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