Small town girls, big ideas – Jessica Germaine, Brittany Manulak and the Crystal Gala Foundation

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Jessica Germaine and Brittany Manulak come to visit Andrew and class up the living room.  These two women (Along with many others) have played a huge part in the success of the Crystal Gala Foundation, which has raised over 3 million dollars for the fight against breast cancer.  Brittany admits she’s a control freak, Jessica pretends that her baking is not a big deal, both can’t stop mentioning wine, and all three laugh a ton as they share stories about the Gala that make it so damn attractive; the family sacrifice, the bond around a kitchen table, and the tears that have been shed to name a few.  Time listening here is time well spent.

Show Notes:

Connect with The Crystal Gala online in the following places:




Hosted: Andrew Bracewell @everydayamazingpodcast

Produced/Edited: Justin Hawkes @Hawkes21

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