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Immigrant Entrepreneur turned Mentor – Ray Yenkana

Ray Yenkana is an immigrant with a fascinating story…Born in Aruba, raised in Guyana, and alone at a boarding school in England; somehow he ends up in Greater Vancouver, a leader...

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Mind, Body, Nutrition and Fitness – Barry Ratzlaff

Barry Ratzlaff shares from his vast experiences in the health and fitness industry, his life before as in ordained minister, and his transition into helping others in their health journeys. Andrew...

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Community Healer, CEO Mom- Dr. Shahana Alibhai

Dr. Shahana Alibhai joins Andrew on the show and reveals her holistic view on health and the importance of the mind in our healing process…Their discussion ranges from chiropractic to traditional...

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Compassionate Zombie Killer – Curt Derksen

Curt Derksen is our guest on this episode and we love him. Curt is passionate about his family, he speaks about this passion and the challenges that come with being who...

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Karaoke Popstar Realtor – Marites Kliem

Marites Kliem is a mom, she and her husband Tyson, made the cutest boys Instagram ever laid eyes on. Marites is also an inspiring real estate agent. In her earlier years,...

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