Who We Are

Andrew Bracewell hosts Everyday Amazing. Each episode is a discussion with an everyday human who is doing something amazing. Andrew uses this platform to shed light on these beautiful humans all around us. 

Andrew Bracewell

With no formal education to speak of and a special talent for saying too much, Andrew has landed in perhaps the only career suited for his tiny skill set. 16 years in the real estate industry has led Andrew to many accomplishments and life changing relationships. The only thing he admires more than other people is himself, which is awkward at times but also endearing. He’s perfectly balanced by his 3 incredible children and the most gracious and understanding human alive, his wife Kristin. Andrew’s passion and desire to learn are what drive him to talk to people and listen closely to what they say; because it is in those moments where he has learned the most and credits all of his accomplishments to those in his life that have shared ideas with him.

Even when Andrew is enjoying other activities that he loves, skiing, biking, golfing, weight training, hanging with the family and consuming high calorie foods; his mouth is usually open, his ears are attentive and his heart is full because this is how he loves to do life.